Builders of the world, unite!

About most things I have strong views weakly held.

But about certain things I have strong views strongly held.

Some strong views strongly held:

  • More smart people should be building more new things.

  • Most smart people are in a default career path laid for them by the expectations of their parents.

  • Finance, consulting, and law have drained a generation of talent from more productive uses — like building new things.

  • Most smart people could use a bit more independent-mindedness.

  • We can make a bigger difference in the world than we think.

Let’s build together.

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I’ve been building companies for 15 years, starting with Thumbtack (local services) and now Scaled (startup recruiting) and GroomBuggy (dog grooming). I’m a builder and operator at heart. I’m motivated to get jobs for people as tech accelerates. This monthly newsletter chronicles my birds-eye view on the workforce and my journey in creating jobs for the future.

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